Dynamics GP: New Item Cost Not Showing on Purchase Order  


I recently helped a customer solve an issue with their Purchase Order (PO) in Microsoft Dynamics GP.  They had changed the cost on an inventory item, but the new item cost was not showing up on the PO.  Why is this? 

Here’s what happened

First, my customer had changed the “Current Cost” of an item to $18,000 on the Inventory Item Card in Dynamics GP.

Inventory Item in Dynamics GP

However, when they went to enter the Purchase Order, the cost was wrong. It was coming up as only $16,000 (the OLD cost).

Purchase Order Entry in Dynamics GP

Why was the item cost wrong on the PO?

Changing the cost on only the Item Maintenance window will not work.  You also need to change it in the Vendor Item Maintenance Screen.  To do this, use the Go To button, and go to Vendors.

Item Maintenance window Dynamics GP

This will open up the Item Vendor Maintenance window.  In here, you can see that the Originating Invoice Cost is listed as $16,000.  This window is where the PO is getting its cost from for the item.

Vendor Maintenance window

To set the new cost of the item, change the Originating Invoice Cost to the new price.  In our example, $18,000.

Originating invoice cost change in Dynamics GP

Next, save the changes to the Item Vendor Maintenance in Dynamics GP. You will then return to the Item Maintenance Card.

Try the new PO again.  You should see the correct pricing come up.

Correct purchase order price in Dynamics GP

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