Site Map Conflicts in Acumatica When Moving Generic Inquiries

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Trying to move Generic Inquiries (GIs) in Acumatica from one site to another? You will probably experience a site map conflict. Here’s the error message I got when I tried to export a GI from a source instance and then import it to a destination instance:

Site Map Conflicts in Acumatica When Moving Generic Inquiries

Why do you get this Site Map error?

Depending on your Acumatica version, the import is not allowed or it would create duplicate screen IDs. This will happen if the source GI has a site map entry that conflicts with the destination site.

Resolving the issue

The best practice is to export the XML and in Notepad, or some other text editor, remove the site map entry. Then you can safely import the XML. However, keep in mind, the modern interface in Acumatica R2017+ also affects the XML. (This does not address that area.)

One other option I have used in the past was to remove the site map entry before exporting to XML. However, this causes dashboards and pivot tables to stop working.

Removing the Site Map Reference

You can use a text editor (Notepad, Textpad, Code Writer) to make this kind of change. I am partial to TextPad or Code Writer as it presents the XML structure more clearly than Notepad.

  1. Export your GI.
    General Inquiry GI in Acumatica
  2. Open the GI’s XML file with a text editor.
  3. Locate the Site Map entry (it is near the end… search for “<SiteMap”)
  4. Remove that section:
    site map entry in Acumatica
  5. Save your file.
  6. Import the GI XML file into a new company. This imported GI will not have a Site Map title, location, or Screen ID.

Here’s more information on Acumatica and duplicate screen IDs.

If you have questions or need some assistance, visit our support page for more help.

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