Tracking Purchasing in Acumatica – From Requisitions (including Vendor Bidding!) to Receipt

Tracking Purchasing in Acumatica

Acumatica can help your business refine your purchasing process to reduce unnecessary spending and to simply have better controls through their Advanced Distribution Suite.  With this suite, your team can easily manage purchasing from requests to receipt.

Acumatica Advanced Distribution Suite – Requests

It simply begins with an employee entering a request for an item. When entering a request, users can see where they are in their budget spend year-to-date before finalizing the request submittal.

Tracking Purchases in Acumatica

Additionally, you can set up an approval process based on department, estimated cost, the employee making the request, and more.

Tracking Purchases in Acumatica

Acumatica Advanced Distribution Suite – Approvals

Once a request is approved, a purchasing manager will be notified via their dashboard, that they have a request which needs processing. From this point in the workflow, the purchasing manager can combine multiple requests into one purchase requisition or simply select one request.

From here, there are two options:

  1. The first option is that a single vendor can be selected. Just select the vendor and the new requisition can easily be turned into a purchase order from the same screen, with drill back capabilities to the initial request. Finally, once the item(s) are received, purchase receipts can be created from the associated purchase order or from the purchase receipts menu in the purchases workplace.
    Tracking Purchases in Acumatica
  2. Acumatica also supports a second option: a bidding process with multiple vendors. The user can instantly email the bid requests to all selected vendors. Once the bids are received, the information is entered into the requisition, the bidding process can be completed, and the winning vendor selected.
    Tracking Purchases in AcumaticaTracking Purchases in Acumatica

For more tips on Acumatica’s Advanced Distribution Suite, check out our recent webinar recordings from our Acumatica expert Tom Bardwil.

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