Crestwood & Acumatica Help Seven Businesses Gain a Competitive Edge for the New Year!

Grow Your Business

Some businesses experience that holiday season lull, but not Crestwood Associates.  It was all hands on deck to roll out seven – yes, seven – new Acumatica implementations in December and the beginning of January.  Wow, we were busy.  Kudos go out to our incredible team of rock stars!

Each one of our clients had their own unique set of needs to grow their business in 2019 and we are proud to deliver the best ERP system to help achieve these goals.  From industries such as business services, retail, and consulting, Acumatica ERP is solving business pains with a flexible and comprehensive solution designed to manage entire businesses efficiently.Acumatica Overview

Why did Our Clients Choose Acumatica ERP?

Regardless of your industry, Acumatica can bring your business together with a centralized solution, making your business more efficient, and giving you the tools you need to grow and be competitive in the New Year.

Stop wasting time and resources with redundant manual processes and disparate systems.  One of our clients came to us with a problem that kept getting worse: their business had no fewer than 5 separate systems performing all their business processes. They were using one for CRM functions, two different systems for field services, and two for financials. It was becoming increasingly difficult to keep track of data, there was often duplicated information, and added time and effort.

Enter Crestwood and Acumatica. We were able to eliminate those five other systems, saving hundreds of hours by streamlining all of their CRM, field services, and financial processes into one place. This one-stop shop approach also works for clients with multiple business entities and locations. Acumatica provides the system to streamline financial reports across any business structure with just one login.  No longer experience the pains of reporting – imagine P&L statements for all your locations without having to switch companies!

There are many other benefits of Acumatica:

  • Flexibility – Acumatica’s robust platform allows for the system to fit the way your business works.
  • Unlimited users at one set price.
  • Performance concerns? No problem. Acumatica exceeds even the most demanding standards of high-volume transactions.
  • Work anywhere, anytime, from any device with real-time access.
  • Real-time reports & dashboards.
  • Control your IT costs – monthly subscription, no hardware, included upgrades, and more.

Why did Our Clients Choose Crestwood as Their Partner?

Crestwood was voted Acumatica Partner of the Year for 2016 and 2017.  As the premier Acumatica Partner, we have the in-house resources that can make Acumatica work for you. Our staff boasts a large Acumatica team, including veteran developers, MVPs, and functional consultants that have the know-how to configure your Acumatica system to best suit your needs.
Acumatica Summit Crestwood Team
Additionally, Acumatica’s flexible platform, has allowed Crestwood’s development team to design simple, yet powerful add-on solutions to help fill the gaps for our clients.  We are now offering them to you at a cost you’ll love. Add-on modules such as Collections Management, AP Inbox Assist, Payment Application Plus, 360 Order View, Inventory Substitutions, and Budgeting are just a few we’ve rolled out this past year. Use Inventory Substitutions to easily offer your customers alternatives for out of stock items; receive, approve, and pay invoices directly from your email inbox with AP Inbox Assist; or automate your budgeting process within Acumatica (without the need for Excel) with Advanced Budgeting.

For more information on Acumatica ERP, visit us at or send us an email at to speak with one of our experts.

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