Outgrowing QuickBooks: You Can’t Move Forward When You Keep Looking Back

Outgrowing Quickbooks

Before you make any important business decisions, it is necessary to check the books. Can you afford to take on this project at this price, or will it strain the profit margin? Can we invest in new equipment this year, or do we need to put it off? Are the efforts we’ve been dedicating to marketing paying off?

Unfortunately, when using entry-level accounting software like QuickBooks, the answers don’t come as easily or quickly as the questions. While you can draw basic financial data from QuickBooks, the reporting options are limited. Then you still need details from procurement, manufacturing, and other departments to provide all of the information you need to move forward. Third-party add-ons increase cost, require additional support, and cause compatibility issues. Constantly going back to the books and your managers means you are looking backward more often than forward. And let’s not forget all the manual work and extra time involved.

Looking Back isn’t Helping Your Business Move Forward

Looking backIn order to achieve a forward-thinking approach to business, you need access to critical business data to make timely business decisions that drive growth. If you are unable to get a full picture of all of your data, it’s impossible to turn it into any meaningful insight. You know you’ve outgrown QuickBooks when you’re so busy piecing together reports that you don’t have time for planning and capitalizing on your future.

A true financial solution, such as Microsoft Dynamics or Acumatica, can turn your attention around.  A comprehensive enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution will put all of your important data right at your fingertips without added complexity. With quick access to financial, manufacturing, inventory, and other key data in less time, and with greater accuracy, you won’t need to waste time calling meetings or digging through the books. Powerful and personalized business intelligence makes it even easier to make the smart, quick decisions that drive growth. You can also spot trends with customers, suppliers, and internally that you can use to your advantage.

“QuickBooks was like a small house that we kept adding rooms onto,” says Joy Gendusa of Postcard Mania. “It wasn’t a holistic system; I didn’t feel confident in it.”

With more insight, you can boost profit margins by sharpening your supply chain, improving productivity, and optimizing cash flow. Outperform your competition by being the quickest to respond to customer needs, knowing what your customers will want or need before they do, and still maintain the profit you need to grow strong.

The possibilities are endless when you can stop looking backward for data you need and use a robust business solution like Acumatica or Microsoft Dynamics to move forward and take your business to the next level.


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