8 Ways to Know Your Cloud ERP will Enable Real-time Visibility for Distribution Companies

Cloud Distribution

Distribution businesses need real-time visibility into sales, order management, inventory, purchasing, production and services—and accounting information. Customers and employees now expect to have complete information at their fingertips.  Maybe you’re considering a new or upgraded ERP system?  Cloud solutions can help, but only if they’re built the right way.

Do you know the difference between a True Cloud vs. Fake Cloud ERP Solution?

Before you decide on a cloud ERP system, you need to take the time to find out what constitutes a true cloud solution, and what distinguishes it from the many fake ones on the market.  Don’t get caught with a long-term costly solution that will hinder your business process.

Download this free whitepaper from Acumatica and learn the 8 ways to identify true cloud software.

  1. Full functionality and reporting offered on common mobile devices as well as on the desktop.
  2. Personalization
  3. Full integration of spreadsheets, data services, apps, and equipment.
  4. Software that was built using modern, commonly available tools and standards.
  5. The ability to pay by resource usage, not by the user.
  6. Industry-standard security.
  7. Deployment options.
  8. Easy upgrades.

True Cloud vs Fake Cloud

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