Can You Really Integrate Salesforce CRM and Acumatica ERP? Yes!

Acumatica and Salesforce Integration

Salesforce and Acumatica have spent the better part of their history in opposition to each other. Salesforce, touted by many as the first SaaS cloud product on the market, has delivered customer relationship management solutions via the internet for the last two decades. Acumatica, on the other hand, launched in 2008 to deliver a suite of applications built around a powerful, flexible, and scalable enterprise resource planning solution.

While built to provide ERP software for customers of all sizes, industries, and focuses—thanks to its industry editions and a network of highly capable partners who can customize it—Acumatica also offers its own CRM solution built in to the product. Naturally making the two competitors, it has long presented a challenge for companies who want to use the powerful Acumatica ERP with the industry-dominating Salesforce CRM.

The Integration Imperative

It’s likely you already use and love Salesforce—there’s a good reason they own more than half the CRM market. Whether you are completing an ERP project or already use both Acumatica and Salesforce with limited success, there are many reasons why leaving Salesforce would be a deal breaker for your team.

Acumatica integrates with SalesforceFor example, say you are in the process of implementing Acumatica ERP. Any ERP implementation is stressful, complicated, time-consuming, and costly. Now try telling your sales, marketing, and support teams to abandon their current solution and learn a new CRM against their will. This is going to garner pushback and hurt morale when you need people on your side.

Or maybe you’ve already been using Acumatica and Salesforce for years and came across this article. “This won’t be too much extra effort,” you initially thought to yourself, “how often will we need our sales team to have access to financial applications?”

What seemed like minimal effort quickly became a disjointed mess of emails and spreadsheets, taking hours or days to complete a seemingly simple task.

However, you also can’t afford to leave money on the table by leaving these two products siloed and your processes disjointed.

From Siloed to Synced: Integrating Salesforce and Acumatica

Especially in today’s competitive, technological, and regulatory landscape, systems need to talk. When a customer needs a product or service now, you can’t spend days emailing different parties trying to check the credit of a customer, draft a quote, and send it to the customer. Business today moves too fast for that.

Added to this, new ASC 606 standards require visibility and control over contracts, performance obligations, and revenue recognition, making CRM/ERP integration not just a competitive necessity but one that could change the way you close the books and report profits.

Simply put, you can’t afford to leave data siloed and business processes disjointed—you need your data to move seamlessly between applications to deliver the visibility you need to remain competitive and compliant.

So, what will it take to break down the barriers and get the two sides to talk? A translator and mediator who has done this before. An integration expert.

Crestwood Integration Experts Can Connect Your Salesforce and Acumatica

If you think that these two competing applications can’t talk, and you think you’re alone in the middle of this ‘Cold War’ of competing software applications, understand that there are many out there like you who thought this—before they found a better way.

If you are looking to leverage true integration between Salesforce and Acumatica, reducing errors, improving communication, saving time, and so much more, we’re here to help. Data Integration is a key service that Crestwood provides and ensuring success requires an experienced and detailed partner with a proven track record.

With decades of integration experience and locations across the Midwest and Southeast, we have the scope and size to provide integration services for businesses across the country. Whether you need an Acumatica implementation with a Salesforce integration or just want to make the two systems work together the way they should, we’re here to help. Contact us to learn more.

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