Acumatica CRM Enhancements from 2017R2 to 2019R1

Acumatica CRM Enhancements

Acumatica Version 2017R2

Improved Marketing Lists and Campaigns – Marketing lists and campaigns have been significantly improved, so user can more efficiently perform marketing activities, track relevant expenses and revenue, and analyze statistical information on campaigns.

Opportunity Stages for Each Opportunity Class – Acumatica ERP now provides the functionality that a user can use to set up different opportunity stages for different opportunity classes.

Acumatica Version 2018R1

Business Attributes in AcumaticaCampaign Expense Accounting – If you have Project Accounting, the project accounting functionality can now be used to track expenses and revenue related to a marketing campaign.  The system now can regard a marketing campaign as a project and use the project budget tracking mechanism for tracking the campaign budget.

Quotes in Opportunities – A new type of document, quote, has been introduced in the Customer Management module.  A quote represents a formal offer made to a particular customer based on an opportunity; the quote includes a list of products offered at specific prices.  For one opportunity, users can create any number of quotes, each of which can be printed or emailed to the specified customer for review.  When the customer accepts the offer, the user can create a sales order and then an invoice based on the quote.

Acumatica Version 2018R2

Improved Display of Personal Names and Contact Information – In Acumatica, the following improvements have been introduced to allow organizations to control the way personal names and contact information are displayed throughout the system.

Display Name Order – By using a new setting, Display Name Order, an administrator can now specify which name order is to be used for displaying the personal names of all contacts, employees, and users.  Name order is the order in which the parts of person’s name are displayed.

Inherited Settings – When a record of a particular type is created based on a record of a different type, the basic settings of the resulting record are now correctly inherited from the corresponding settings of the source record (for example, the Business Account Name of the new business account is inherited from the Company Name of the lead).

Consistent Labels – To maintain consistency throughout the system, similar elements on different forms, such as the Business Name and Company Name boxes, have been labeled identically.

Pop-Up Notes – Acumatica introduces ability to communicate important information about an entity to other Acumatica ERP users.  In the 2018R2 version, a user can leave a note about a customer, a vendor, or an inventory item that will be displayed to other users when they select the entity while creating documents in the system.

Acumatica Version 2019R1

Information About the Email Sender – The Sender Display Name box has been added on the System Email Accounts form, as shown in the following screenshot.  For the system email account; the options selected in this box determines the display name to be used in an email sent from the account.

A/P Bill ProcessingImproved Incoming Mail Processing – The automatic creation of cases during the processing of incoming emails has been improved.  In previous versions, each new case that the system created based on a processed email could be associated with only the contact whose email address matched the sender’s email address, if such a contact existed in Acumatica ERP.  Now new cases can also be associated with business accounts of the Customer type.

New HubSpot Data Provider – A new data provider, HubSpot Enhanced Provider, has been added to enhance the integration of Acumatica ERP with HubSpot.  Now Acumatica ERP supports export of data from Acumatica ERP to HubSpot and import of data from HubSpot to Acumatica ERP through the use of integration scenarios.  The HubSpot Enhanced Provider data provider can work with the following data.

When you include the improvements with the Dashboards, Pivot Tables and Generic Inquiries, the CRM enhancements provide the sales tools needed for your business.

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