Add Multiple Items at Once to a Sales or Purchase Document in Dynamics 365 Business Central

Sales Process in Dynamics 365 BC

In the latest release of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, a new feature was added to be able to select multiple items at once to add to a sales or purchase document. This eliminates the need to add items one-by-one and speeds up the process.

Here’s How

First, I like to check the default item quantity. Navigate to the Sales & Receivables Setup window, then check If the option “Default Item Quantity” is enabled. If so, the selected items will also default with a quantity of 1 on the sales document.

Dynamics 365 Application Enhancements

To use the new multi-add feature, select the Manage tab, then “Select items…” on a sales invoice.

Dynamics 365 Application Enhancements

Click to show more options and then ”Select More.”

Dynamics 365 Application Enhancements

Check the checkboxes next to all the items you would like to add to the invoice and click OK.

Dynamics 365 Application Enhancements

The selected four items were now added to the invoice!

Since I first enabled the “Default Item Quantity” in the Sales & Receivables Setup window, the selected items defaulted to a quantity of one on the sales document. I can also edit this if needed.

Dynamics 365 Application Enhancements

This feature will make adding multiple items to a sales document much faster.

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