The Visibility Your Sales Staff Needs: 360 Sales View for Acumatica

Sales Process

The sales process is incredibly important to your business—why are so many organizations leaving their sales teams with inadequate technology and tools they need to get the job done?

Unfortunately, companies leave their sales team high and dry in a variety of steps in the sales process. It could be an issue getting from lead to opportunity, a visibility gap in the configure-price-quote process, or worse, getting everything lined up before realizing that you don’t have the inventory, it’s a lot easier to lose a sale than make one.

Following our last blog discussing why it’s so important to break down barriers, transform your sales organization, and help your sales team to spend more time focused on growing your business, we would today like to discuss one option that helps make your sales team’s job easier.

MobileThe Right Information in the Right Hands at the Right Time

Today’s sales team needs to work faster than ever and have the right information on hand—whether they’re in the office or on the road. Any blind spot or hiccup in the sales process is costly and may result in a variety of negative consequences. A lost sale might not only ding the confidence of your salesperson, it means lost revenue and if things get bad enough, damage to your reputation.

No longer can a customer wait a few weeks for the products they need. With today’s lean supply chain environment, if a customer needs an item, they need it today. Pair this with a world where Amazon controls the consumer landscape, and your customers’ expectations for two-day shipping and readily available products are higher than ever.

Many Levels of Sales Technology Maturity: Cloud + Integration + Real-Time Access

This is what made the cloud such a powerful tool. Now, rather than a salesperson hoping he or she has all the information before heading on site to the client or even making a call, needed information is readily available with a couple taps of the phone.

CRM was one of the first products deployed in the cloud and has been making business easier for more than two decades. But that’s only the first stage. CRM today can’t operate in a bubble. Your sales and marketing staff need more information than ever.

To address this, many companies have found the value of ERP and CRM integration, allowing sales staff to have access to available inventory, customer credit limits, and any other information they need, whenever and wherever they need it.

But in today’s fast-paced landscape, even this isn’t enough. Today’s salespeople need relevant information in real time—all in one place.

At Crestwood, our goal is to help your business do more. To help companies empower their sales staff, we created a powerful add-on called 360° Sales View for Acumatica. Not only does it leverage the power of the cloud and provide access that comes from integration, 360° Sales View for Acumatica goes further. Rather than having to jump from screen to screen, 360° Sales View for Acumatica puts all the information a salesperson needs in one place.

Whether that’s viewing or editing client information, gaining a complete picture of sales order and invoice information, or having the right inventory information at your fingertips, 360° Sales View for Acumatica delivers.

360° Sales View for Acumatica makes it easier than ever to sell in today’s fast-paced business world. Looking to learn more? Watch our brief overview video below, check out our data sheet, and contact us for more information.

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