Crestwood Add-ons get Certified by Acumatica
Amber Tselios

Three of Crestwood Associates’ Add-On Products for Acumatica are Certified for 2021 R1

Acumatica has recognized Crestwood’s Lockbox Processing, 360° Sales View, and Collections Management products for quality and usability with their latest version Schaumburg, Ill. and Orlando, Fla. – May 7th, 2021 Crestwood Associates is proud to announce the first slate of add-on products (Lockbox Processing, 360° Sales View, and Collections Management) have been recognized as Acumatica-Certified … Read more

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Crestwood MVP award winners
Amber Tselios

Crestwood’s Rockstars Boast Six New Acumatica MVP Awards for 2020

Sure, Tom Brady just scored his fifth Super Bowl MVP award. However, Acumatica recently announced its latest slate of Acumatica MVPs, and the Crestwood Associates team brought home six MVPs! So, who’s the real G.O.A.T.* here? This marks the second consecutive year in which Crestwood was the most awarded company; i.e. no other Acumatica partner … Read more

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Amber Tselios

Crestwood Associates Wins Velixo’s (a top Acumatica ISV) Partner of the Year Award

The trophy case at Crestwood Associates is expanding yet again. Against some stiff competition, Crestwood came out on top as Velixo’s Partner of the Year for 2020. Velixo is an award-winning provider of Excel-based reporting solutions for cloud ERP solutions, namely Acumatica. “It’s such a treat to be named Velixo’s Partner of the Year. Our … Read more

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Crestwood Announcements
Amber Tselios

Crestwood Associates (a Top Acumatica/Dynamics Reseller) Changes Leadership

Crestwood Associates (a leading Microsoft Dynamics and Acumatica partner) is shaking up their leadership, leaving them poised for growth. SCHAUMBURG, Ill. February 12, 2021 — Among a flurry of new hires, the top of the organizational chart of Crestwood Associates is getting a makeover, as well. Most notably, a new CRO and COO. John Gabrys … Read more

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Crestwood Recap 2020
Lauren Christoff

A Look Back at 2020 for Crestwood  

Everyone will remember the year 2020 for the pandemic, but it wasn’t all bad.  Crestwood has a lot to be thankful for in 2020.  First, we moved to a great new office in Schaumburg, IL.  Everyone is settled in and enjoying our new space. We also helped many of our clients get set up to … Read more

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Microsoft Secure Score
Ben Borger

Strengthen Your Business Security with Microsoft Secure Score

No matter what size your business is and which industry you’re in, the increase in remote workforces has also brought about an increase in hackers and ransomware attacks.  Similar to the pandemic, hackers don’t discriminate, they target any and all businesses.  Some data shows small to medium sized businesses are more of a target because … Read more

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Crestwood Add-on Advanced Commissions
John Jones

Advanced Commissions in Acumatica

Save hours of time calculating, verifying, and paying out commissions with Advanced Commissions from Crestwood Associates. Native functionality (no more Excel!) Enhanced customizable plans And much more This natively-built add-on module allows you virtually unlimited commission calculation flexibility to meet all your unique business needs. High-level overview of Advanced Commissions: First, the salesperson is tied … Read more

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Crestwood Automation add-ons
Angela Mills

What Benefits Can AP Automation Deliver for Your Company?

When you purchase from a supplier, they expect to be paid accurately, reliably, and in a timely manner. Driven in part by supplier demands and expectations, many organizations are looking for opportunities to automate their processes. While automation delivers a wide range of benefits, enhancing speed of payment and reducing the likelihood that exceptions and … Read more

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Company Data Archive for Dynamics GP
Mary Lenehan

Dynamics GP Running Slow? Archive It! Get to Know Company Data Archive Plus Analytical Accounting!

Microsoft Dynamics GP is one of those reliable, familiar business management tools. Able to grow with your business, the product has been used by companies for decades. Better yet, with the announcement of their new “Modern Policy” starting in October 2019, Microsoft has made coming releases of Dynamics GP even more resilient and evergreen. However, … Read more

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Ship Engine Add-on solution for Acumatica
Colleen Schils

Integrating Third-Party Add-Ons with Acumatica (ShipEngine Sample Case)

Acumatica is such a powerful, user-friendly platform in part because it’s so customizable for every customer’s unique needs. Whether it’s out-of-the-box functionality that just need small tweaks from experienced developers or any number of external add-on products. One of those add-on products that we recommend, and that our customers use frequently, is ShipEngine. ShipEngine allows … Read more

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Sales Process
Brian McGuckin

The Visibility Your Sales Staff Needs: 360 Sales View for Acumatica

The sales process is incredibly important to your business—why are so many organizations leaving their sales teams with inadequate technology and tools they need to get the job done? Unfortunately, companies leave their sales team high and dry in a variety of steps in the sales process. It could be an issue getting from lead … Read more

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Save time and money
Lauren Christoff

Save 10-25% Processing Credit Cards in Dynamics GP with iTransact

I recently had a couple of my clients complain about their merchant services for processing credit cards in Microsoft Dynamics GP, so I decided to look at alternative solutions. Since Crestwood is part of the BDO Alliance, I asked who they might recommend. iTransact merchant services was at the top of the list. After some … Read more

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FYI Soft logo
Tiffany Bennett

An Alternative Financial Reporting Tool for Acumatica

ARM is a great tool for our customers with typical financial reporting needs. Use FYIsoft when you have the need for more complex financial reporting. FYIsoft is a web-based reporting tool that works easily with Acumatica.  Learn how to migrate reports from a legacy ERP system and use FRx or Management Reporter.  This saves many … Read more

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money and time
Christine Jacob

Quick Tip: Using Dunning Letters in Dynamics SL AR Collections Manager Module

Do you have Crestwood’s add-on module, AR Collections Manager for Dynamics SL?  If not, you should see what you’re missing!  Stop searching for information and start using it with our automation collections tool. AR Collections Manager module for Dynamics SL tip: Use the Dunning Letter Generation screen for a list of daily collections activities – keyword … Read more

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Jen Jerzak

The Truth Behind Sales Tax Audits

Repost from Avalara With the myriad of responsibilities involved in running a successful business, it should come as no surprise that preparing for a sales and use tax audit is not exactly a high priority or favorite topic of conversation among business owners. There are only so many hours in a day, and many companies … Read more

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