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Advanced Commissions

It’s hard enough to manage a sales staff. It’s on the sales manager to set quotas, deal with egos, track results, enforce policies, coach reps, and lay the groundwork for success. But even when things are working out well, you still have more work on your plate.

Something we discussed in a recent blog, it takes a special kind of person to manage a sales team. So why does it feel that even when you’re doing everything right, you seem to be buried in more work? If we had to venture a guess, it’s probably because you now have to deal with the process of calculating, verifying, and paying out commissions—something spreadsheets are ill-equipped to handle.

Managing Salespeople is Hard Enough—Why is It So Hard to Manage Success Too?

It’s ironic that while it’s hard enough to get the most out of your sales staff, even if you’re winning, you still are tasked with a ton of extra work. In fact, while managing and paying commissions should be a joyful time, for most managers, it just means more work. Yes, the success reflects positively on you and will ultimately look good come bonus or promotion time, but every month or quarter, you’re firing up the spreadsheets to calculate everything.

Especially for companies whose salespeople live off their commissions, delays or inaccuracies are intolerable. Underpay someone and they’ll know, overpay someone and you’ll be fighting to claw that money back. Add to this the challenges in timing a transaction under ASC 606, the fact that structures are becoming increasingly complex, and the issues that go into splitting commissions, and success can cause as much stress as talking to an underperformer.

If only there was a better way. Thanks to Crestwood, there is.

Advanced Commissions by Crestwood: Save Hours or Days by Automating Commissions

If you find the process of calculating, verifying, and paying out commissions to be one of the most time consuming and frustrating parts of your job as a sales manager, you’re not alone. It’s a common challenge.

Luckily, we have a solution. At Crestwood, we’re not only a leading implementation partner, we design a variety of products built to make life easier for our clients. One of these products, Advanced Commissions, is built to help managers streamline the process of setting up, managing, and paying commission plans—all without Excel.

Simply define quotas and tiers, set up the formula (or as many formulas as you want), calculate commissions, and pay when you need. Leveraging the power of Generic Inquiries for Acumatica, this product can save hours—or even days.

Learn more by watching the video below, and reading our data sheet here. Contact us to learn more.


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