Latest Release: Advanced Commissions for Acumatica

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Discovering the Latest Release of our Advanced Commissions Add-On Solution


As businesses grow and evolve, so do their requirements and challenges. One such area of constant evolution is the management of commissions. The traditional systems, while effective for basic tasks, often fall short when businesses demand more flexibility and advanced functionalities. Crestwood Associates recognized this gap and embarked on a journey to provide a comprehensive solution.

Offered as an add-on product for Acumatica users, our Advanced Commissions tool is an ever-evolving landscape of commissions management, and we’re thrilled to walk you through the novelties. This release is packed with enhancements and maintenance upgrades that will further streamline commission-related processes.

Enhancements to Current Features

Added Commissions Split: When the option is selected on the setup screen, the commission split total must equal 100% otherwise an error is displayed. This will ensure accuracy is maintained. The following screens allow split percentage to be updated and can produce the error if not totaling 100%: CustomerMaint, SOOrderEntry, SOInvoiceEntry, ARInvoiceEntry, ContractMaint, ProjectEntry, ProjectTaskEntry.

“Sales Profitability by Salesperson & Customer”: The “Sales Profitability by Salesperson & Customer” report is equivalent to the “Out of the Box” report that is available with the Acumatica Commissions feature enabled. It has been modified to reference the “Advanced Commissions” split details.

    • We’ve added functionality to copy “Default Commission” and the Line Level “Commission Split” details during the “Copy Order” action.
    • Usability Enhancement Changes:
      • For Commission Workspace, we’ve updated the order of entries and switched “Pay Commissions ßà “Ready for Pmt – Create AP File”
      • For CWACCommissionGI we’ve added/updated column headings in the “Commission Inquiry” GI changing the column headings:
        • “Commission Date” to “Commission Calc Date”
        • “Class ID” to “Item Class”
        • We’ve added a column named “Posting Class” and adjusted “Invoice Status” column to allow filtering to work correctly.

Maintenance/Documentation Upgrades

Generic Inquiry: We’ve added a Design Check to require certain tables that are part of the GI if used in a commission plan.

    • Required tables:
      • CWACSalesPersonCommissionPlan
      • CWACCommissionSplit
      • ARTran or SOLine
    • Generic Inquiry may display an error.
      Advanced Commissions GI Display error
    • Commission Plan Maintenance may display an error.
      Advanced Commissions Plan Maintenance2

Upgrades Designed to Support our Customers

Crestwood Associates remains committed to offering solutions that make your commission management efficient, accurate, and streamlined. With these new features and enhancements, Advanced Commissions is taking another leap forward. Your feedback has been instrumental in this journey, and we’re excited to see how these updates elevate your experience!

If you have any questions about the new release or are interested in getting started with the Advanced Commissions add-on product? Don’t hesitate to reach out!

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