Advanced Commissions in Acumatica

Crestwood Add-on Advanced Commissions

Save hours of time calculating, verifying, and paying out commissions with Advanced Commissions from Crestwood Associates.

  • Native functionality (no more Excel!)
  • Enhanced customizable plans
  • And much more

This natively-built add-on module allows you virtually unlimited commission calculation flexibility to meet all your unique business needs.

High-level overview of Advanced Commissions:

First, the salesperson is tied to a commission plan.  The plans are flexible and accommodate any business scenario.  There are two types of commission plans:

  • Flat Rate – the commission amount is calculated based on each invoice line.
  • Quota – the commission amount is calculated when a dollar amount is reached.

These plans calculate commissions by either using the Expression Builder or through a Generic Inquiry.  Next, the commissions are processed through a series of steps:  Calculate, Approve, Process, and Pay.

Commission Plans

Crestwood Add-on Advanced Commissions

When setting up a Commission Plan, you will first need to define the start and end date; whether it’s a flat or quota plan type; the payout type which is either immediately or on fully paid invoice; frequency of payouts; and which method to calculate the commission on – expression builder or a generic inquiry.

Expression Builder or Generic Inquiry to Calculate Commissions

Expression Builder:  Most people choose to set up the calculations in the Expression Builder.  It’s easy, flexible, and gives you plenty of options.  With the Expression Builder, you chose a condition and then define a value.

Crestwood Add-on Advanced Commissions

Crestwood Add-on Advanced CommissionsGeneric Inquiry:  You can also use a Generic Inquiry (GI) result for your commissions.  So, instead of a condition and a formula, you use a value from the GI and a rule.  When using GIs for your commissions in Acumatica, there is a set of tables you need to use as the commissions module engine has to see the GI exactly.  Additionally, the GI must contain the parameters for the Sales Person ID and the Commission Plan.

Crestwood Add-on Advanced Commissions

Calculating Commissions

Once sales people and plans are set up, calculating commissions is automatic.  Acumatica now easily processes commissions based on sales orders and with your approval, they are paid out.

Crestwood Add-on Advanced Commissions

Find out more about the affordable Advanced Commissions add-on for Acumatica.  Visit our webpage, download the datasheet, get pricing, and more.

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