RECORDED WEBINAR: Streamline Your Kitting Process with our New Acumatica Add-on: Auto Kitting

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Auto Kitting enhances the processing of Kits or Bundles in the distribution section.  Designed to seamlessly integrate with your operations, Auto Kitting expands upon Acumatica’s standard kitting capabilities, allowing distributors to treat kits as ready-to-ship finished goods.  This dynamic solution facilitates auto-assembly of kits during sales order fulfillment, a capability previously unavailable in standard Acumatica offerings.

What You Will Learn With Auto Kitting:

During this session, Lori Bolsinger will guide participants through the intricacies and benefits of the Auto Kitting solution, showcasing how it:

  • Merges the Advantages of Stock and Non-Stock Kits: Auto Kitting harmonizes the best features of both kit types, offering unprecedented flexibility and efficiency.
  • Enhances Sales Order Processing: Discover how Auto Kit displays the quantity of kits that can be assembled based on current component stock levels right at the Sales Order entry, ensuring accurate delivery promises.
  • Simplifies Kit Creation: Learn about the automation that turns the complex process of kit assembly into a straightforward, error-free task by creating Stock Kits automatically upon Sales Order shipment.
  • Improves Fulfillment and Documentation: Explore how linking kit components directly to Sales Orders streamlines fulfillment processes and documentation, including Pick Tickets.
  • Cost Valuation Flexibility: Understand the comprehensive cost valuation methods available, including Average, Standard, FIFO, and Specific costs, enhancing financial accuracy and control.

Who Should View:

This recorded webinar is essential for distributors who currently use Acumatica and work with assembly-required goods, Acumatica users seeking to optimize their inventory and fulfillment operations, and anyone interested in leveraging the latest in ERP technology to boost efficiency and productivity.

Why View:

By viewing this webinar, you’ll gain insights into how Auto Kitting can:

  • Reduce manual effort and minimize errors in the kitting process.
  • Provide clear visibility into available inventory for kit assembly.
  • Streamline your fulfillment process, directly impacting customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Visit our Auto Kitting product page to learn more. If you would like a 1:1 session to explore further, schedule a call with us.

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