Modifying Acumatica ACH Export Scenarios

ACH payment in acumatica

A customer’s bank may require modifications to the ACH file that you send them from the Payables module during payment processing.  Here are some steps to show how to modify or add additional fields and lines in that file.

  1. First, get the bank specifications from your customer or bank. In this scenario, Chase Bank required a modification to Record 6, as well as adding a Record 7 to the ACH file (to include additional information for each record 6):
    Acumatica ACH ExportAcumatica ACH Export
  1. Second, it’s important to pull up the Payment Method you are using for ACH payments under the Banking module, in the Payment Methods screen. Then note the Export Scenario that the Payment Method uses:
    Acumatica ACH Export
  1. Then, pull up that Export Scenario under your Integration, Export Scenarios screen. Then open the file that is used for mapping the Export:
    Acumatica ACH Export
  1. Download the text mapping file, then modify it in Notepad. In this case, I added a new line for the Record 7 information, highlighted below in blue:
    Acumatica ACH ExportNote:  I copied the other “03#” line (used for Record 6) to a new line below it, then changed the fields as needed.  I left the “03#” since it is a detail section of my export file.  I also renamed the “CCD” portion of the text to “PPD.”  I renamed all the fields to describe the fields in my Record 7 specs above.  (Exact field name is not important, but you will use these to map your Export Scenario, so use a naming convention that makes sense to you).  The last character in each field is the field length.  For example:{PPD_PaymentRelatedInformation_ID:80}Represents my field here in my Chase bank spec:Acumatica ACH Export
  1. Now upload this new version to your Data Provider for the Export Scenario. Be sure to “Reload Parameters” and refresh Schema:
    Acumatica ACH Export
  1. Last, open the Export Scenario under Profiles. Find the sections that correspond with your mapping file.  Look for the Target Field/Value that matches the descriptions in your mapping file.
    Acumatica ACH Export
    For these bank specifications, we changed the “CCD_AddendaRecordIndicator” field to have a Field/Action Name of “1” (circled in green above).  This change was for the first bank spec requirements shown on the top of page 1.To add the Record 7 fields, we inserted the new lines (circled in blue above).  We defined the “PPD_RecordTypeCode” to be a value of “7” and added all other PPD fields to match the bank specs shown at the bottom of page 1.
  1. Now test your export, and see your new fields shown as below:
    Acumatica ACH Export

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