Three Favorite New Features in the Latest Release of Dynamics GP 2019

New Features of Dynamics GP

I was asked to write a blog on new features of the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2019 release. Since I’m not an expert, I turned to someone who is: Crestwood’s Mary Lenehan. Mary has been working with Dynamics GP for over 20 years, conducts all our year-end training seminars, and presents at GPUG conferences every year.

Here are Mary’s favorite new features:

  1. The ability to view who posted the transaction on the GL inquiry window
    A field has been added to allow the user to see who posted the entry. This displays for both open and historical journal entries. This allows for greater transparency and tracking within the system.
  2. Long description available for Payables transactions
    With previous versions, you were only allowed to enter up to 50 characters as a description in the Payables window. The new field now allows you to enter up to 200 characters of additional information. Descriptions will display on Transaction Entry, PM Transaction Inquiry, and Payables Transaction Entry Zoom. The long description will display on each check that is printed from Payables Check Entry within the Payables Transaction Entry, and the Payables document printed in Payables Transaction Entry.To enable this feature, you must go to the Payables Setup and click on “Enable Long Descriptions in Payables Transaction Entry” under Payables Setup.
  3. Filter Item Stock Inquiry by date
    You can now restrict the view and set date filters in the Item Stock Inquiry.

Those are Mary’s favorite three new features in the recent Dynamics GP 2019 release. If you’re not on the most current version, your company may not benefit from the latest innovation available to your business. Click here to download a quick comparison guide to understand the key functionality updates that span the past three releases of Dynamics GP.

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