Should You Consider Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for Your Business?

Improve your Business with Dynamics 365

Microsoft has long been a leader in business solutions.  Their Dynamics solutions; such as, Dynamics GP, Dynamics SL, and Dynamics CRM, have gone through many changes over the years to continue to bring you improved technology.

Many customers have been wondering if their current Dynamics solution will be supported in the future as Microsoft has given us all a little mixed messaging in that area when launching their newest solution, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

You’re not alone, we’ve had clients asking us questions like:

  • Is Dynamics GP going away?
  • How does Dynamics 365 Business Central compare to my current solution?
  • What advantages does Dynamics 365 Business Central offer?

History of Dynamics Products:

The Microsoft Dynamics family

There are similarities between Microsoft’s most widely used ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions, but there are also differences. What you want is the right tool for the job.

Microsoft Dynamics GP

Dynamics GP, used to be called Great Plains, but was purchased by Microsoft in 2000.  This system was designed for small and mid-sized businesses and has been a powerhouse system for years. Microsoft recently announced its commitment to Dynamics GP referring to future versions as “GP Next,” which will include ongoing development and new features based on customer feedback.

Microsoft Dynamics SL

Dynamics SL is geared towards project-driven businesses; including, applications for financial management, project management and accounting, distribution, field service, payroll, e-business, and more. By integrating project accounting and financial management into a single system, Microsoft Dynamics SL simplifies business workflow.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Dynamics 365 has had a few different names since it came on the scene in late 2016. Now officially called Dynamics 365 Business Central, it promises to offer a seamless, integrated experience for Office users, and unlimited extensibility through the AppSource portal.  Dynamics 365 Business Central is ideal for those looking for a cloud-based solution, whether you are moving from a single-entry solution like QuickBooks or a home-grown system.

Is Dynamics 365 Business Central right for my business?

Now that you understand the Microsoft Dynamics products, you’ll have to decide which path is best for you. Consider the following to help you decide:

  1. If you’d like to remain with Dynamics GP:
    You should upgrade to the 2019 version of Dynamics GP. Mainstream support is promised until 2023 and extended support until 2028. Many clients are choosing to move to the current version of Dynamics GP in the Crestwood Cloud.  Learn more here.
  1. If you’d like to continue with Dynamics SL:
    It is believed that Dynamics SL will not be supported in the future, and there will be no new versions. You could upgrade to Dynamics SL 2018 which offers better support and security. You can choose to migrate balances, master data, and open transactions to Dynamics 365 Business Central and take advantage of Business Central’s Cloud capabilities.
  1. If you want to migrate to Dynamics 365 BC:
    Many Microsoft customers are choosing to move up to Dynamics 365 BC. Because it integrates Dynamics 365 ERP and CRM, it provides a comprehensive, easy-to-use business management system that provides better company-wide connections through the Cloud and greater business insights using enhanced data and analytics.

As an early adopter of Dynamics 365 Business Central, Crestwood truly embraces the radical change that it brings to the Dynamics market. With a team of very experienced Dynamics resources, we have immersed ourselves in this new offering and are hard at work creating regular “get to know Dynamics 365” sessions for our clients who may be considering a switch, and new customers who are seeing it for the first time.

Click the image below to learn more about Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Dynamics 365 BC


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