The Scoop on the Microsoft Dynamics GP February Hotfix

Dynamics GP Hotfix

Microsoft recently released a fresh hotfix for Dynamics GP 18.2 in February 2020. This hotfix resolves a few different issues for Dynamics GP 18.2 users, but doesn’t affect other versions of the system. You should only look to install this hotfix if you’ve been seeing issues. If you haven’t, there’s no need to install the hotfix.

Note: if you’re NOT on the current version of Dynamics GP and would like to upgrade, please reach out to your CAM. Dynamics GP 2015 users should plan to upgrade immediately.

February 2020 Hotfix Highlights


The new feature Long Description field sometimes causes check stubs to print on two pages. The graphical and TXT formats are fixed in this update.

Letter Writing Assistant (Collections Letters)

The “Second Notice for Collection” letter for <<InvoiceDetails>> used to omit last invoice.

You may have received an error message when you use the new HRP feature Quick Assignment, “Illegal address for field employee ID in script not found.”

Payroll Integration to Payables

The new report was missing the last employee ID record in the pay run.

Deduction in Arrears

You may have incorrectly received the error message, “This deduction has been previously posted for the selected date range.”


Budget table GL00201 had been updating in the wrong direction when approving a Purchase Requisition with Encumbrance through Workflow.

Employee Self Service

You may have received an error, “Invalid column name” Workflow Action Date when you click the HRP Workflow Pending Approval Navigation list.

If you have questions or need some assistance, visit our support page for more help.

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