How to Remove Top Results From Outlook – 3 Easy Steps

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Just when I started to get along with my Outlook search, Microsoft went and changed it.  “Top Results” arrived in my searches and didn’t work well for me. The messages at the top were NOT the most recent, even though I had my inbox sorted by date range. The most recent email in a thread wasn’t always displayed at the top, which isn’t helpful. But I found a way to remove the “Top Results” feature.

Here’s where I went to disable “Top Results”

Click in the “Search” bar so it brings up the “Search” tab in the ribbon:

How to remove Top Results from Microsoft Outlook

When “Search” tab pops up, click on the “Search Tools” icon to drop down and then select “Search Options.”

Top Results in Outlook

“Search” on the left side of the Outlook Options should be highlighted.  Once there, uncheck the last item in this window (“Show most relevant search results on top”) and click OK.

Top Results in Outlook

And voila! Now Outlook won’t filter your search results and will display them in chronological order.

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