Office 365: Nifty New Microsoft Teams Tips

Teams Tips and Tricks

Every day I look for new ways to navigate Microsoft Teams seamlessly. Here are some nifty new tips I found helpful when working in Teams.

Like to multitask?

Chat anywhere on your desktop with Pop-Out Chat. Double-click a chat (or click the icon) in your chat list to open in a second window. Now, you can navigate Teams while chatting on different windows.

Pop out Chat in Teams

Putting a face to the name

You can now see up to nine video streams at a time during meetings.

Stream live in Teams

Raise your hand

Got a question but don’t want to interrupt the speaker? Teams now allows you to raise your hand and let everyone on the call know you wish to speak. Click on the hand symbol on the tool bar and it will then place a gold hand icon on your video feed as a reminder.

Raiser your hand in Teams Meetings

More room for more attendees

Team Meetings and chat has increased up to 300 attendees.

Reorder Teams channels

No need to scroll to the end of the channel list to find your channel. Just click on your Teams channel and drag it up to reorder your list.

Reorder your Teams

We hope you find these quick nifty Microsoft Teams tips helpful in your daily work life. For more tips and tricks be sure to subscribe to our blog.

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