ATTENTION GP USERS: Word Templates Will Not Email/Print after Recent Office Update

GP Error

Everyone on Dynamics GP should temporarily halt any updates to Microsoft Office.

We’ve been hearing about an issue that cropped up in the early September builds of Microsoft Office that is causing Word templates to fail to print in Microsoft Dynamics GP.

When Word Templates are opened either to screen, to file, or in an email, users report the error below when they attempt to open it:

GP Printing Error Message
This occurs on any Office version past build 13127.20408, including the insider Channels. A full list of the affected builds are below:
Channel Version Build Release date Previous Build
Current Channel 2008 13127.20408 September 9, 2020 13127.20296
Monthly Enterprise Channel 2007 13029.20534 September 8, 2020 13029.20534
Monthly Enterprise Channel 2006 13001.20648 September 8, 2020 13001.20520
Semi-Annual Enterprise Channel (Preview) 2008 13127.20408 September 8, 2020 12527.20988
Semi-Annual Enterprise Channel 2002 12527.21104 September 8, 2020 12527.20988
Semi-Annual Enterprise Channel 1908 11929.20946 September 8, 2020 11929.20934

The current workaround is to roll back the update to the previous version while we work with the Office team on a more long-term solution. Microsoft has put out instructions on rolling back here. For example, if you were on the Current Channel, the previous update would be 13127.20296. So you would use 16.0.13127.20296 as the version to roll back to. All previous build numbers can be found in the table above.

More Details

To go more in depth, the issue is with opening the file, not generating it. The files will still show in the file location chosen, or in the email you wanted to send. If you attempted the ‘to screen’ option, then the file can be found in your local %TEMP% directory. This is why if you are sending emails to customers/vendors, we recommend sending them as PDFs rather than .DOCX. If your customer/vendor has updated Office, they will be unable to open your attachment.

In Conclusion

This is an ongoing issue, and this post will be updated with any new developments on the problem. But please – do not update Microsoft Office until we have a solution. If you have questions or need some assistance, visit our support page for more help.

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