Acumatica Basics – How to Use Templates, Favorites, and Many More Quick Tips!

Acumatica Basics

As strange as it may be to hear this from us, we admit that ERP implementations can sometimes be a pain. Which is why we’ve developed a new methodology for implementations that integrates training your people into the earliest stages of the implementation – instead of just being handed a fully-functioning system at the end and expecting your users to get up to speed. (Check out this cool metaphor our Practice Director uses!)

As we were working to build a library of how-to videos for our online learning “course” for our new users, we put together a few tips and tricks videos for using Acumatica. These short videos will walk you through some tips to make your life infinitely easier when navigating the system.

Copy and Paste Function in Acumatica

To speed up creating new records, Acumatica allows you copy from one to a new record in seconds.

Templates in Acumatica

For frequently created records/documents, you may create a template. Then you only need to click a single button to create a new record.

Grid View vs. Form View

When entering information into separate lines, you may toggle between grid and form view. Grid view displays information from all the lines, and form view allows you to look at one line item at a time with all the information at once.

Using Notes in Acumatica

Acumatica allows you to add notes to documents at the summary level, individual lines within a document, vendors, and customers. You may use notes to add any additional information that you or your fellow users might need to know for the future. For customers and vendors, you even have the ability to create a pop-up note, so that it can’t be overlooked.


You can attach files to a document at the summary level, or at the line level. Acumatica allows unlimited attachments, from Word documents, PDFs, Excel sheets, and more.


The Help section in Acumatica is a great resource if you want to know what something means, how to perform a certain action, or just need a reminder about something. You can access the Help section using the question mark in the upper right corner.

Global Search

Using the search bar at the top, you can locate help topics, contacts, transactions, files, and more!

Favorites in Acumatica

Assigning your most frequently used screens as “favorites” is a great way to save time! Just look for the star.

Load Records from File

Keep an eye out when entering data – look for the “Load Records from File” icon and you will be able to batch import data from Excel.  Acumatica also allows you to export any columns to Excel, so that matching upon import is a breeze!

Use these tricks to speed through your day-to-day processes. And be sure to subscribe to our blog for more tips like these!

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