Microsoft Office 365 Templates Galore, Oh My!  

Microsoft Office 365

While I was exploring Microsoft’s website for the next productivity tip, I found a plethora of Office templates and fun activities you can do with your family.   Using Templates in Microsoft Office 365

Through your Microsoft Office 365 subscription you will be able to search and create freely from a mass selection of premium Office templates for work, school, or family projectsExplore templates for budgets in Excel, templates to create a KNOCK-OUT presentation in PowerPointor design brochures or newsletters in Word. Design ideas are limitless with Microsoft’s templates.  

Not sure what you’re looking for? Search keywords like “newsletters and get hundreds of samples to choose from.  

Using Templates in Microsoft Office 365

Edit in Browser: Using Templates in Microsoft Office 365

Or download it and work within Word, PowerPoint, or Excel app, whichever app the template was designed in and get to work quickly to edit the content.  Using Templates in Microsoft Office 365

I hope you found this tip useful and can locate a template for your next masterpiece. For more Microsoft Office 365 tips & tricks, be sure to visit our blog and subscribe. 

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