Dynamics GP: Why are Check Numbers Skipped in AP?

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There are times when Microsoft Dynamics GP payable will skip a check number.  Why does the system do this?  First, if you have multiple users working in your system, Dynamics GP will place a lock on any check number in use and increments the Next Check number.  For example, if one user is in a window that locks a check number, and later decides to back out of the window, there is a possibility for that check number to be skipped.

Here are several scenarios when a check number could be skipped:

If a user enters any of the following windows, the system will place a lock on that next check number in use and will increment the Next Check Number in the Checkbook Maintenance window. If a different person prints checks at the same time and for some reason the first person does not create the check, then a check might be skipped.

  • Payables Manual Payment Entry
  • Miscellaneous Check
  • Bank Transaction Entry
  • Print Payables Transaction Check
  • Print Payables Checks
  • Payroll Manual Check
  • Print Payroll Checks

For example, if the last check number used was 1440 and a user opens one of the above windows, the check number that populates the window will increment to 1441. At the same time if another user enters one of the windows above to write a check, then the system sees that 1441 is in use and increments the next check number to 1442 for the second user. If the first user decides not to post the check 1441 and closes the window, then the check 1441 remains unused in the system and is skipped.

  1. When an alignment form is printed, the check number is incremented.
  2. If a check is printed to screen or file, the next check number is incremented.
  3. If a check is being printed for the same checkbook through any other module, then the next check number will be incremented.
  4. If users manually edits the ‘Next Check Number’ field in the Checkbook maintenance window, then there is a chance to skip check numbers, depending on what the user has entered.
  5. If multiple modules are using the same checkbook, then the next check number increments when a check is printed.

The system is designed to pull the check number from the Next Check Number field in the Checkbook Maintenance window when a check is written. The Next Check number field can be verified in the Checkbook Maintenance window before processing a check runs. After verifying if there are any check numbers missing in the system or not, the Next Check Number field can be changed if needed.

GP Payable Check Numbers

Users in a multi-user environment should not remain idle in one of the windows listed above if they do not intend to continue processing in that window. It may result in skipped check numbers, if they back out of these windows. For more tips and tricks like this one, subscribe to our blog. 

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