Dynamics GP Quick Tip: Report Writer Section Won’t Reduce in Size!

Dynamics GP Report Writer

I recently had a client who was trying to create a Report Writer report for a new Check Format. They were adjusting one of the existing check formats to create a Check Stub Stud Report. In order to do this, they had to move the first stub section to the body. They also had to move the check from the body to the header. Finally they needed to reduce the size of the body section.

But herein lies the rub: they could not reduce that section beyond a certain size.  Below is the completed report:

Dynamics GP Report Writer

After reviewing their report, I was able to determine that the issues was a field that was out of bounds to the right of the view above.  See below.

Dynamics GP Report Writer

If you have sections that will not reduce in size, remember to check everywhere on the report for stray fields.  Especially out to the right, because fields can get lost and then muck up your layout.

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