White Paper: 19 Brilliant Ways to Promote ERP & CRM User Adoption

Building your business from the ground up

Getting your entire team on board when introducing new software is always a challenge.  User adoption can make or break a new system, no matter how good it is. Like ERP or CRM, no two systems are alike, so finding the best solution that will fit your business needs plus the needs of your team can be difficult. Even after you choose the right ERP or CRM system, for the implementation to be successful, you need your entire team on board.

That is why user adoption plays a key role when businesses implement new management systems. We find that it usually comes down to three key areas: planning, leadership, and training.

In this white paper, 19 Brilliant Ways to Promote ERP/CRM User Adoption, we share tips gained through countless implementations to help your employees get started on the right foot. We want to give you the best practices, important critical warnings, and bright ideas you need to quickly realize the full value of your technology investment.

When it comes to user adoption, experience counts. Our team at Crestwood Associates has been working with Microsoft Dynamics and Acumatica Cloud ERP for years. We are here to assist your users every step of the way.

ERP User Adoption

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