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AP Automation

Below is a guest blog written by our friends over at KwikTag. Join us for a quick 30-minute webinar about this topic on May 6th!

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One of the biggest misconceptions when it comes to Accounts Payable automation is that a business is “too small” to go digital – either they don’t have enough team members, don’t process enough invoices, or don’t have the budget for the project.

The truth is, regardless of these factors, most businesses can benefit from an AP automation solution. Manual AP processes are expensive, can have slow invoice approval times, can cause missed payments and weaken supplier relationships, and are an overall inefficient use of company resources.

AP automation solutions, such as KwikPayables Accelerate for Microsoft Dynamics GP, can give a business complete visibility into their AP process regardless of how many invoices they process. KwikPayables Accelerate is a cloud-based accounts payable automation solution designed with invoice workflows based on industry standards that automates an AP process from invoice capture to payment processing.


KwikPayables Accelerate leverages intelligent data extraction (ktIQ) and artificial intelligence with a real-time connection with Dynamics GP to validate relevant invoice data and automatically route invoices for review and approval. Upon approval, purchasing and payables transactions are automatically created in Dynamics GP. Once transactions are created in GP, KwikPayables Accelerate completes the AP cycle with a payment batch review and approval process. Upon approval of payment batches, the payments are issued electronically and the payment data will be visible in KwikPayables Accelerate.

Click here to watch a video of KwikPayables in action.

KwikPayables Accelerate ultimately makes automation more affordable with a reduced time to solution and total cost of ownership. Plus, it can transition quickly and easily to Business Central (when you choose to move) upon KwikTag product availability, at no additional cost.

Going digital with AP automation provides the sense of security that all of your invoices are available to those who need them, when they need them to make decisions. It enables business continuity so that your teams can stay safe and work from anywhere. Finally, it pays for itself quickly, typically in less than one year. There’s no time like the present to get started on your automation journey.

Join the 100,000+ members of the KwikTag family that trust us with their AP automation solutions. Learn more at our May 6th webinar!

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