Use Recurring General Journals to Record Monthly Payable Invoices in Business Central

Recurring Accounts Payables in Business Central

Something you may not know in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central: monthly payables invoices can be set up in the Recurring General Journals window. The amounts can remain fixed or variable based on your needs.

They will need to be posted each month and then they will remain out there for the next month with the updated date.

Set Up Monthly AP Invoices

First, go to Finance > General Journals. Navigate to the Recurring General Journals window.

Click the ellipses (…) next to Batch Name and New to create a new batch.

  • Enter the first line with the Account Type as “Vendor” and select the Vendor number. Enter the entire amount of the invoice as a negative amount.
  • Then enter the remaining lines with the Account Type as “G/L Account.” Break out the expenses to the different G/L account number as positive amounts.
  • Enter a formula for the Document No. In this example, “%4” will produce the name of the month (e.g. MARCH MTHLYEXP).

Recurring Payble Invoices in BC

When ready to post, go to Post/Print > post

This will create a credit to the AP account and vendor for the full invoice amount, and then debits to the various expense accounts:

Recurring Payble Invoices in BC

The invoice will display as an outstanding invoice for that vendor. Notice the Document No. was auto-generated based on the formula we used:

Recurring Payble Invoices in BC

If you return to the Recurring General Journals window you will see the batch is now available for posting again and the date has rolled forward to next month.

A formula can also be used in the Recurring Frequency field per below. This way when the batch posts the date will update to 5/31/21 and then 6/30/21, etc.

Recurring Payble Invoices in BC

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