No Microsoft Dynamics GP is Not Going Away

Dynamics GP Lifecycle update

Microsoft released the updated lifecycle roadmap for Dynamics GP.  The dates show active development and support well into the future, 2028 and further, which indicates GP is here to stay.  Since the October 2019 release of GP, Microsoft follows the Modern Lifecycle policy, which offers you continuous support and servicing, including fixes, new features, and tax updates automatically.

As stated by Terry Heley, in her blog post on the lifecycle update of Dynamics GP,

” Dynamics GP is not going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, since the October 2019 release, Dynamics GP has the same Modern Lifecycle commitment from Microsoft as Dynamics 365. This shift from Fixed Lifecycle support (with a defined sunset date) to Modern Lifecycle support with no end in sight signals Microsoft intends to continue enhancing and supporting the solution. Because of Modern Lifecycle, you should expect to see more frequent updates to Microsoft GP. These all-inclusive updates are easier to manage and deploy versus larger version upgrades you may be accustomed to historically.”

Dynamics GP Modern Lifecycle

Microsoft has also updated their Dynamics GP Lifecycle page to include key information, dates and links for each version of Dynamics GP for both fixed and modern lifecycles.  If you are on an older version of Dynamics GP, you can learn more about your options here or speak with your Crestwood account manager about upgrading or trying out Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.  We can help you decide which is best for your business.

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