The Best Cloud Solution Providers (CSP) and Why You Need a Tier 1 Partner

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Microsoft is the most common name in software and Azure, its Cloud offering, has quickly risen to be the number one choice for businesses using Cloud. As of last year, 57% of Fortune 500 companies relied on Azure for at least part of their Cloud solution.  Why is Azure so popular? There are a number of reasons:Azure Logo

  • Hosted Azure Cloud services offer first-rate security and support
  • Implementation is easy
  • Businesses already use Microsoft products
  • Integrations between on-premise and Cloud systems are simple and efficient

What is a Microsoft CSP?

Microsoft requires its cloud solutions to come from partners certified as a Cloud Solution Provider (CSP). Microsoft CSP partners must uphold Microsoft’s high standards by demonstrating certain values and services.  Microsoft CSPs cannot simply resell Azure, they need to offer value-added services to clients, ensuring businesses are getting the most out of their cloud subscription. When a company purchases Azure from a CSP, they’re purchasing technical expertise and reliable support for their cloud network.  To find the best Cloud Solution Provider for your business, you must first understand what this title means and how a company successfully demonstrates the values of a Microsoft partner. Learn what it means to be a Tier 1 CSP with this overview.

The Difference between Tier 1 and Tier 2 Cloud Solution Providers

In addition to CSP certification, there are two levels of CSP – Tier 1 and Tier 2. What’s the difference? Both have been approved to resell Azure and offer value-added services, but a Tier 1 partner can sell direct, while a Tier 2 is Microsoft Tier 1 Cloud logoan indirect partner, meaning they work through third-party distributors and are not required to adhere to the strict Microsoft requirements.   What does that exactly mean for your business?

The type of CSP tier and model you choose influences the success of your business. A Tier 1 CSP works directly with Microsoft by purchasing products from the source and following the higher standards Microsoft has for itself and its partners. Crestwood Associates is a Tier 1 Microsoft CSP.  We offer expert support services, convenient billing capabilities and additional quality services for your business; such as, 24×7 monitoring, extra back-ups, access to your SQL Database, and more.  This also give your premium access to new developments from Microsoft or quick and expert support if we need to escalate an issue.

Tier 1 Cloud Solution Providers work hard to uphold Microsoft’s standards and values. The result is a world-class service that sets customers up for success. Companies that partner with Tier 1 CSPs benefit from expert support and quality solutions that help them make the most of their cloud network.

When a company chooses Crestwood Associates, a Tier 1 Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider, they benefit from the following services and support.

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Simplified Billing and Support

Setting up and managing a cloud network is a complicated task. At Crestwood Associates, we make this process as easy as possible for our clients by offering consolidated billing. Every expense—from the products you’re using to the services you benefit from—comes down to a single, simplified bill. This simplified billing process helps customers analyze their spending and stay informed about the value of their cloud services. Furthermore, every customer works side-by-side with a dedicated account manager who can help you better understand your monthly billing and the services you’re paying for.

Fine-tuned Cloud Spending

It’s not enough to simply understand how a billing system works. Tier 1 CSPs strive to optimize cloud spending for their clients. This means creating efficient and effective infrastructures that allow you to make the most out of your cloud network. Crestwood Associates helps you identify and eliminate unnecessary spending such as overlapping services or underused instances. Whether your business needs a public, private, or hybrid cloud solution,

Cloud that fits

we will help you streamline processes and implement cost-effective products so that you get the most out of what you pay for. Even better, never waste money on unnecessary usage, Crestwood Associated bills you only for your consumption, so you’re not paying for resources you are not using.  .

Cloud Solutions to Fit

Microsoft Azure comes with limitless potential. However, many businesses don’t have a CSP expert on staff leveraging the massive range of software applications, services, and other customizable options.  Crestwood Associates makes sure your cloud network is reaching its full potential.  As a Tier 1 CSP we guarantee a cloud solution that serves your business to the best of its ability. We work with you to create a flexible network that expands with your business needs. Moreover, we set you up for growth by building scalable cloud solutions. Successful companies see a lot of growth and evolution over the years. Partnering with a Tier 1 CSP ensures that your cloud infrastructure will continue to support you through everything your business faces in the years to come.

Never-ending Superior Support

Crestwood Associates has world-class Microsoft expertise on-staff in our Managed Services team.  You benefit from dedicated professionals who make a career out of knowing their way around Microsoft Azure and complimentary products. Think of us as your concierge cloud service.  From day-to-day questions to crucial issues, we step in and solve your problems. Your business will always have someone reliable to turn to when an issue arises. Furthermore, as a Tier 1 CSP partner, we offer 24/7 monitoring and support for your cloud system. If you experience downtime, security threats, or other management issues, we will notice and react right away. This allows companies to operate with comfort and confidence knowing that their cloud solutions are in expert, proactive, and reliable hands.  Read more on how we helped a Crestwood client prevent disaster.

We are here to help your business with cloud services, ERP, hosted servers, M365, Office 365, Dynamics 365, backups, and more.  Contact our team today to find out more.  Send us an email at

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