Instantly Create PowerPoint Presentations Using Your Microsoft Word Document

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Occasionally, my manager would come to me and ask that I transfer a Word document into a PowerPoint. As you may know, transferring the information by copying from Word and pasting it into a PowerPoint slide can be time consuming.

You can now save time creating PowerPoint presentations with this clever new feature in Microsoft Word, it is call EXPORT.

Note: This can only be done using Microsoft 365 online subscription. The desktop version of Word does not support this feature.

Let’s get started:

First, log into your Microsoft 365 account and open the Word Document you want to transfer to a PowerPoint presentation.

I am going to pull a recent blog we posted, it is a perfect example.

Convert Word Docs to PowerPoint Slides

Next, go to the File menu on the ribbon bar and select Export. Then select Export to PowerPoint Presentation (preview).

Convert Word Docs to PowerPoint Slides

Another dialog box will appear with options to choose a design theme. You can select from one of the preexisting themes or create a blank presentation by selecting the plain white in the themes. You can scroll to the bottom of the dialog box and click see more themes until you find what you like.

Note: I have found that if you cancel out, and select File > Export > Export to PowerPoint; Microsoft will give you additional options to choose from. You can cancel out as many times as you wish to find the desired theme.

Convert Word Docs to PowerPoint Slides

Once you have selected your theme, another dialog box will appear that says it is working on the transfer.

Convert Word Docs to PowerPoint Slides

Once it is complete you can then click Open Presentation. Once you click Open Presentation, a new window will open in your browser with your selected theme and all your content transferred over.

Convert Word Docs to PowerPoint Slides

Viola, your new PowerPoint presentation is now created. Now you can easily edit to fit your needs.

Note: If you do not like how a certain slide is laid out, you can simply click on the slide and select a different layout with the Designer on the right-hand side of the screen.

Convert Word Docs to PowerPoint Slides

It is that simple, and saves you a lot of time in copying information over and sorting through what you want to present to the viewer. For more Microsoft 365 Tips and Tricks visit and subscribe to our blog.

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