Business Events: Automatic Notifications When Upgrading to Acumatica 2020 R2

Acumatica Business Events

Acumatica ERP Business Events provide a powerful platform to monitor data and events and to create actions such as an email notification or an import scenario. For example, check out some of our other blogs posts on business event scenarios:

Change in Automatic Notification in 2020 R2

With Acumatica’s version 2020 R2 release, automatic notifications in business events are replaced with forms. However, you are now able to monitor forms through your business events, not just generic inquires.

*If you are upgrading to Acumatica 2020 R2, plan to update any automatic notifications during your migration.

Here is an example of updating a Business Event for an ACH Payment Notification:

Business Events in Acumatica

Business Events in Acumatica

Note: this was the initially migrated business event’s trigger conditions (all conditions were marked as Active – the print screen was taken after an initial change).

Business Events in Acumatica

The conditions were revised as noted above.

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Business Events in Acumatica

Business Events in Acumatica

If you need assistance migrating your automatic notifications, we have Acumatica experts available to help. Email us at

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