Easy Steps to Recover a Batch in Dynamics GP

Batch Recovery in Dynamics GP

Why batches get stuck in Dynamics GP 

Chances are you’ve had a batch stuck in Dynamics GP. Many reasons may cause a batch to get stuck and require fixing. This occurs when a user posts and either Dynamics GP freezes or their computer loses connection with the server.

We also see batches get stuck when users do not sign out of Dynamics GP properly. Sometimes, a user will click the red X in the top right corner of the Dynamics GP window while still having other windows open. This can cause batches to show as “Marked” for posting.

Before you leave, close all windows and save any open documents. Then, click the Microsoft Dynamics GP button and select Exit.

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How to fix it

You have two options if you mark a batch. You can either open the Series Posting for your series. Alternatively, you can go to the Master Posting in the Administration area. Then, you can unmark the batch without any intervention.

Here is an example from Sales Series Posting.

Batch Recovery in Dynamics GP

When you search for a batch and it displays “Transaction Error – Edit Required,” you have the option to access Batch Recovery (Administration area page > Routines section > Batch Recovery). Here, you can select the checkbox adjacent to the batch and press the Continue button. Be aware that upon selecting the batch, its status will switch to “Edit Required.”

If you search for a group and it displays “Transaction Error – Edit Needed,” you have the option to access Batch Recovery (located in the Administration area page, under the Routines section) where you can select the checkbox next to the group and press the Continue button. Observe that once you select the group, the status will be altered to “Edit Needed.”

Batch Recovery in Dynamics GP

Batch Recovery in Dynamics GP

After the batch is recovered, navigate to the batch’s area page. From there, select the appropriate option depending on the batch’s origin.

Finally, choose the batch. Then click the Print button to print a Batch Edit List.

Search for error messages within the Edit List, which will indicate the necessary actions to correct it. Next, open the transaction(s) with the error, make the necessary corrections, and you should be able to post the batch.

Batch Recovery in Dynamics GP

Sometimes, it will remain stuck in Batch Recovery. If you have questions or need some assistance, visit our support page for more help. We’ll check the data in SQL Management Studio and release the it for you to keep working.

Please make sure to send us the Batch ID number that is stuck and screenshots of any error messages. If there is a ‘More Info’ button in the error message, click it. Then, send a screenshot of the error. Make sure to include the open ‘More Info’ section of the window.

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Post updated January 28, 2024

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