Microsoft Tech Stack and Directions North America Conference Notes 

Microsoft Directions NA

I recently attended, for the first time, the Directions North America Conference for Microsoft Partners, held in San Diego, CA. I found it to be quite insightful into the future trajectory of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and its ecosystem. In addition, I found the Dynamics Community to be a close-knit and welcoming group. Here are a few key insights and takeaways from four packed days of sessions and connections at the event: 

Strategic Emphasis on AI-Driven Efficiency 

A primary focus of the conference was Microsoft’s evolving vision towards creating an autonomous ERP experience, highlighted by substantial investments in artificial intelligence technologies such as Copilot. Microsoft Power Apps and the Power Platform overall. Today, Microsoft offers the most comprehensive commercial portfolio in the market with AI-infused everywhere within the ecosystem, and across every solution area. This is a huge competitive advantage for any company using the Microsoft Tech Stack today, or who may be considering it for the future. 

For Crestwood Associates, this trend presents a significant opportunity to enhance our client experience and prioritize high-value ERP consulting with tailored implementation services that align closely with these technological advancements. 

Advancing Implementation and Operational Efficiencies 

Microsoft Tech StackOne of the standout sessions detailed Microsoft’s strategy for integrating AI tools within Dynamics 365 Business Central to streamline the ERP user experience. Tools like Copilot are creating efficiencies with the way businesses handle data by automating the interpretation of intake information and generating implementation templates through advanced natural language processing techniques. For companies considering ERP implementation, this not only significantly reduces the time required to set up and customize ERP systems but also enhances the accuracy and efficiency of these processes, setting a new standard in ERP deployment. Crestwood is excited to already be ahead of the curve on this.  

Maximizing the Microsoft Ecosystem with Comprehensive Solutions 

The conference also emphasized the strategic importance of the integration of Business Central with the Power Platform and Microsoft 365 as a robust ecosystem that delivers enhanced functionality and value, making it an indispensable solution for clients.  

This is something our team at Crestwood is focused on to provide maximum value with our clients. When used strategically within a business, users can expect to create efficiencies in workloads by up to 30%, saving time on labor and unnecessary busy work that distracts employees from delivering outcomes on time and with quality.  

As you read this, think about those core processes that are the lifeblood of your organization. Then, think about where the stressors are within that process. Perhaps you have an issue in the quote to cash flow where choke points happen. Perhaps your month-end process takes too long. Through leveraging the Microsoft ecosystem, you can eliminate those pain points between sales and accounting, you could even reduce your month-end from 15 days to 5. Speaking as an EOS integrator, this is powerful and highly strategic. Connect with me on LinkedIn and let’s discuss further! 

Future Directions and Continuous Learning 

Directions NA 2024 conference was not only a showcase of technological advancements but also a forum for strategic thinking about the future of ERP solutions and the broader ecosystem. As Crestwood continues to integrate these insights into our operations, the focus will remain on continuous learning and adaptation.  This commitment ensures that we stay at the cutting edge of technology implementations, providing our clients with the most advanced and effective solutions. 

Don’t miss the opportunity to strategically transform your business with expert guidance from a trusted Microsoft partner. Contact Crestwood Associates today to discuss how our innovative solutions can help you achieve operational excellence and dynamically drive your business forward.

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