Dynamics SL – Employee Maintenance Comment Field

When you upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics SL 2015, you will notice a Comment field in the Employee Maintenance window. Why? This field is used for audit tracking purposes. It turns into a required field whenever the Pay Info and Deductions tabs are updated for an employee.

Here’s an example

I entered a new employee and the required comment: “Hired in 5/22/2017”. The field was required because I had updated the Pay Info tab with pay information. I later opened Employee Maintenance for the same employee and changed her 401K deduction. Because I updated the Deductions tab the comment field was required and I entered “401K deduction changed to 3%”.

You can see a history of these changes by using the Employee History screen and clicking on View Pay Audit.

You can see the comments at the top of the Pay Audit screen along with a change date and time. If there were previous comments you can use the scroll arrows at the top to see older or newer comments.

The comments can also be reviewed in the Deduction Audit List under the Employees report (052.680.00)


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