How to Change the Integration Manager Default Database File Path

Frequently, our Support Team at Crestwood gets calls where a new Integration Manager (IM) user can only see a “sample” of the integrations they are expecting to see. They don’t see all or the correct integrations that have been created and are used in production.


This happens because the IM system default install points to the samples it installs locally when you first set it up. In other words, immediately after installation, IM is pointing to local samples on its own file path. These are samples only and the file path to the shared IM database must be changed. Typically, IM databases are created and stored within the Dynamics GP Shared File structure in any given system.

How to Change the IM Path

Start IM running as administrator (Right click on icon and select “run as administrator” option)
In the top menu bar, go to Tools | Options and the Options window will appear
Place the path above in the Default IM Database field, click Apply. If the window stays open, click OK

Once the path is correctly set, the user will now see the correct integrations in the system.

If you have questions or need some assistance, visit our support page for more help.

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