Fixing User Security in Dynamics GP

Which Window Do I Need?

Determining which window needs to be added to a user’s security in Microsoft Dynamics GP can be difficult.  Here are a couple methods we use to figure it out.

Winthrop Tool

There used to be a free product called the Support Debugging Tool; however, this no longer the case, it’s no longer free.  If you’d like to purchase the tool, it is available from Winthrop here.

eOne SmartList Builder – Table Finder

Another option is available if you own eOne’s SmartList Builder. This gives you a nice little tool called Table Finder, which is very helpful in finding what tables are used in windows and will also tell you the information for the window that can be used to set up security.

For example, open the Create Returns window by going to Transactions > Sales > Sales Transaction Entry and then click Additional > Create Return. Within the Create Return window, click Tools and select Table Finder.

The Table Finder window shows that the window name is Create Return and it is part of the Field Service Product and the Series is Project. You can use that in the Security Task Setup to add the correct operation.

If you have questions or need some assistance, visit our support page for more help.

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