Microsoft Dynamics GP Document Attach Button is Slow

Have you noticed the Doc Attach button in some companies responds slow?

We had a client with this problem.  When they clicked the “Attach” button, there was a long delay for the dialog box to appear to allow selection of the documents to attach.

We hadn’t heard of this happening and even an online search didn’t help.

The Problem:

We proceeded to capture the DEXSQL.log by setting the switches in the DEX.ini file to see if it could point us in the right direction.  Sure enough, the following was shown in the log when the Attach button was clicked:

/*  Date: 12/06/2017  Time: 14:58:40
{CALL TWO.dbo.zDP_CO40100F_1(NULL,NULL)}

While this didn’t seem extremely useful at first, I glanced at the contents of the CO40100 table within their company database and noticed a field called “Scan_Location” which had a UNC path.

However, in this case, the server that the UNC path pointed to, no longer existed. The Scan_Location path represents the default location Dynamics GP browses to for Document Attachments.

The Fix:

Once we figured out the problem, fixing it was easy.  Within Dynamics GP, navigate to Microsoft Dynamics GP > Tools > Setup > Company > Document Attachment Setup.  Here, please note the “Default Location” used for Attachments:

Simply change this default location to a valid path/location and your users will no longer experience a delay when attempting to attach documents!

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