Crashing and Connection Errors with Management Reporter Console, Dynamics GP, and SQL

Error and fix when your Management Reporter console crashes.

This one is great!  My client was having issues with the Management Reporter (MR) Configuration Console crashing as soon as you tried to open it, and the MR Process Service kept stopping after you would start it.

I was also getting errors in the Windows Application Event Log as well:

“The target principal name is incorrect.  Cannot generate SSPI context. Originating proce

dure: GenClientContext.”

Machine: PTSCGP02

“An error occurred while connecting to the database. “
Machine: PTSCGP02


So, from all this, I gathered there was an issue with MR connecting to the SQL server.  I attempted to browse from the client’s Dynamics GP app server to their SQL server and got the following error:

“The server’s clock is not synchronized with the primary domain controller’s clock.”

WHAT?  This was a big red flag that the issues are probably related to the domain controller, and not anything with Dynamics GP or MR.  I had to do one more test.  I tried to remote desktop (RDP) from the Dynamics GP APP Server to the SQL server.  Here’s what happened:

So, I logged into the domain controller and confirmed the clock on the Domain Controller was much faster than the other servers and was not correct.  The domain controller clock was over 15 minutes faster than the time set on the Dynamics GP App and SQL servers:

The fix

I adjusted the time on the Domain Controller and confirmed time zone was correct.  Immediately after doing that, I was able to browse from the Dynamics GP app server to the SQL server and I was able to use RDP to connect to the SQL server from the Dynamics GP App server.  I proceeded to restart the MR services, and I was able to login to the Configuration Console and into Report Designer.

Problem solved!

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