Microsoft Dynamics GP – How to Get a List of Users and Access

Sometimes you need to know what access users have in Microsoft Dynamics GP. Maybe for an audit or just a routine cleanup of your system. Luckily, there are some pre-loaded or ‘canned’ reports in Dynamics GP that you can use.

How to Access the User Security Reporting:

To access the User Security reports, you first must have security access to the Administration module, be a PowerUser, or be logged in to Dynamics GP as the SA user. Navigate to the Administration module, then go to the Reports section. Under System, you will see several reports that pertain to users.

When you open one of the options under Reports, you’ll notice there are multiple reports to choose from. For example, when you open the Users Reports, there are the following reports available:

  • User notes
  • Company Access
  • Shortcut Bar
  • Preferences
  • User Classes Report

You can choose the report you would like by using the dropdown arrow. For this example, we will use the Company Access reports.

  1. Choose New to create a new report to save for later. A new window opens up for you to name your report and choose the exact options.
  2. Name your report under Option.
  3. Click on the Destination button to choose where to send your report – to Screen, a Printer, or to a File.
  4. You could run this report as-is, or you can choose to narrow down your User IDs. Make sure you insert the range you want to use, and remove any ranges you do not want.
  5. You can Save your report by clicking the Save button. If this is a one-time report, you can Print from here and then choose not to save.
  6. Once you save your report, it will appear as an option on the main reports page:
  7. To Print the report, simply highlight the report and Insert it into the Email or Print list and Click the Print button.

Microsoft Dynamics GP Company Access Report:

Other Reports Available:

In the Users Reports Link, you can also run the User Class report, which shows all the User Classes your Users are assigned to, if you’re using User Classes.

Microsoft Dynamics GP Security Reports

Security reports will be the ones most likely to benefit your auditors or your system administrators. You can find the security Reports by going to Administration Module > Reports > System > Security. I will go through each report and the result when generated now.

Security Task Setup – This report will show every Security Task, and the Security Operations assigned to that task. The report looks like this:

Security Role Setup – This report is similar to the Security Task Report, but it shows every Role and the Security Tasks assigned to each Role. The report looks like this:

Security Role Assignment – This report shows each Role and the users who are assigned to that Role. This is a good report to look at to make sure you don’t have incorrect users in sensitive Roles. The report looks like this:

Security Task Assignment – This report is similar to the Security Role Assignment report, but instead of showing you the users assigned to each Role, the report shows the users assigned to each Security Task. The report looks like this:

User Security Report – This may be the most useful report for security information. This report shows security by User ID, and each Role and the Tasks the User has access to. This report looks like this:

If you have any trouble running the reports, or would like more information on security and Dynamics GP, check out our list of recorded webinarsIf you have questions or need some assistance, visit our support page for more help.

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