An Alternative Financial Reporting Tool for Acumatica

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ARM is a great tool for our customers with typical financial reporting needs. Use FYIsoft when you have the need for more complex financial reporting. FYIsoft is a web-based reporting tool that works easily with Acumatica.  Learn how to migrate reports from a legacy ERP system and use FRx or Management Reporter.  This saves many hours trying to recreate all of your reports.

Benefits of FYISoft:

  1. Email/distribute reports easily to individual users or to a distribution group.
  2. Send results in Excel or PDF format to users.
  3. Set security at the report organization (tree) level, to restrict users to certain departments or sub-accounts.
  4. Drill down is available to the account or transaction level.
  5. Organizations (trees) can be auto-built from your chart of accounts.
  6. Users can copy/paste straight into a Row to build a report.
  7. There is an audit feature to search for building blocks for missing accounts.
  8. Allows for ranges of accounts and complex formulas in the Row.
  9. Group reports into packages and run all at once.
  10. Organize reports into folders.
  11. Preview reports before they are completed, to view the layout of the report.
  12. Report scheduling allows the users to schedule reports to run at a certain time of day automatically.
  13. Users can be set up as viewers, requestors or designers, restricting them to the functions related to each role.
  14. User-friendly interface with a very easy learning curve.


Here is an example of the report generation screen from FYIsoft.  Notice some of the features:


Alternative Reporting Tool


The building blocks of a financial report include Rows, Columns and Trees.  Mix and match to multiply your number of report combinations.

Here is a sample Row.  Note the GL mapping field, the calculations and the account groups:


Alternative Reporting Tool


Here is a sample Column.  Note the Actual vs. Budget and Variance calculation columns.  Take a look at the dynamic headings:


Alternative Reporting Tool


Here is a sample Organization (tree).  Note the wildcards and rollup levels:


Alternative Reporting Tool

If you’d like more information, pricing, or to discuss if FYISoft is the right fit for your business, contact your Client Account Manager at Crestwood or email us at

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