Dynamics GP Scribe Online Connector Setup

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Many people use Scribe to connect their Microsoft Dynamics GP system to other business systems. With Scribe’s Dynamics GP Connector, you can build simple or complex integrations with Dynamics GP, whether that be through the standard business objects, or going directly to the tables and stored procedures. We have built many of these types of integrations for our clients and everyone loves it – you get up-to-date information at your fingertips in all your systems!

In this example, we are going to go through the setup so we can load customer data into Dynamics GP using Scribe Online.

Setting up the connector

First, you need to make sure you have these two Dynamics GP add-ons installed.

  1. Dynamics GP eConnect – make sure it’s the same version as your Dynamics GP system
  2. Dynamics GP webservices

Note: Make sure that eConnect and webservices are installed using the same domain services account. This account is similar to a domain administrator account, but doesn’t need to be the domain administrator.

Next, once you verify these two add-ons are installed, go to the Scribe Online marketplace and install the Dynamics GP connector.

Scribe for Dynamics GP connector

Now we are ready to set up the Scribe Online Dynamics GP connector. First, setup the database tab. For this you will need to know the SQL server name, the Dynamics GP database, whether you are going to use windows authentication or SQL authentication, and the domain services user name and password.

Note: Make sure to check the “Allow Web Service Target Connections”.

Scribe for Dynamics GP - GP web services tab

Now you will go to the Web Services Tab. Here, you want to look at the URL – it should look something like this: “https://yourservername:webservicePort/dynamics/GPService/GPservice.”

The username and password will again be the same thing you used when you set up Dynamics GP webservices and Dynamics GP eConnect.

The company name is the actual name of the Microsoft Dynamics GP company you want to load data into. If you are not sure the actual name of the Dynamics GP company but you know the name of the database, you can do a quick SQL query to find the name. The SQL query is:

(select INTERID as DB,CMPNYNAM as CompanyName from Dynamics..sy01500)

Double check the URL! If it doesn’t look similar to the two “GPServices” it will fail.

Edit connection on Scribe for Dynamics GP - GP web services tab

Scribe Setup Errors

Sometimes, you might still get an error. If you do, here’s what to check. Make sure the user on the database tab is part of the DYNGRP in SQL. Also, review that the user on the webservices tab is the same user you used to install Dynamics GP eConnect and Dynamics GP webservices.

For more information on the Dynamics GP connector, check out the Scribe help filesIf you have questions or need some assistance, visit our support page for more help.

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