Assign Default Expense Accounts for Vendors Using Purchasing Codes in Dynamics 365 Business Central

Default Vendor Expense

There is a feature in other accounting systems such as Microsoft Dynamics GP to assign a default expense/purchasing account to a vendor. This account then defaults as the debit when invoices are entered for that vendor.

Good news! The same solution exists in Dynamics 365 Business Central using Recurring Purchase Lines to speed up data entry.

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The following outlines the steps for setting up purchasing codes in Dynamics 365 and then also how to assign default expense accounts for vendors in Dynamics 365.:

First, using the global search, search for Recurring Purchase Lines. To do this click new to set up new Standard Purchase Codes. A code can be set up for each GL Account (such as RENT). Note: A dimension can also be assigned as the default, if needed.

Dynamics 365 Default Vendor

Next, assign the code to the vendor(s). On the vendor card, go to Navigate-Purchases-Recurring Purchase Lines.

Dynamics 365 Default Vendor

Once you assign the code to vendors, select the code and specify whether to automatically assign the code to a purchase invoice or manually select.

If automatic is selected, a message automatically appears whenever you use that vendor asking if you want to add the code. For manual, you need to manually go to the window to select it.

Dynamics 365 Default Vendor

When ready, enter a purchase invoice for that Vendor:

  • Create a new purchase invoice and select the vendor. A message will appear at the top prompting to automatically add the recurring purchase line
  • Click Get Recurring Lines and the G/L account number will automatically appear

Dynamics 365 Default Vendor

If there are multiple codes assigned to that vendor, a window will appear first so you can select the one you wish to use.

Dynamics 365 Default Vendor

Dynamics 365 Default Vendor

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