Exporting Dynamics 365 Dashboards using Power BI

Dynamics 365 Dashboards using Power BI

Dynamics 365 Dashboards using Power BIQuite often, we find clients that want to export or share dashboard information from Microsoft Dynamics 365 for meetings and updates.  Maybe you want to export a dashboard view into a PowerPoint slide or create a PDF to share. One way to do this is to take a screen shot, but often the quality is not good and the dashboard and numbers are hard to read.

So, here’s a better alternative.  Since you cannot export dashboards from Dynamics 365 for Sales, just connect Microsoft Power BI to your Dynamics 365 data, Crestwood can quickly help rebuild the same dashboard in Power BI, and use the export feature there to get a good quality image of your dashboard as a PowerPoint slide, PDF, or printout.

Export a Dashboard to PowerPoint, PDF, or Print

In Microsoft Power BI, simply pull up the dashboard and the dataset you want to share.  It’s like a snapshot, so whatever is on your screen will be copied into an image.  Go to export, in the upper left corner, and choose the option you want.

Dynamics 365 Dashboards using Power BI

I chose export to PowerPoint, and Power BI automatically drops the image of the dashboard right into a new slide.

Dynamics 365 Dashboards using Power BI

Other Dashboard Sharing Options

If you need more interactive advanced sharing options, Power BI has it built in for you.  Look at all the options for sharing:

  • Share an interactive dashboard
  • Embed a report in Microsoft Teams
  • Embed a report in SharePoint
  • Share to an Excel workbook
  • Embed a report on a secure website or portal
  • Publish from Power BI to the web (public viewing)

I will continue to take a closer look at these sharing options in future blog posts.  Here’s more information in the meantime.

Do you need a dashboard built?  If you have questions or need some assistance, visit our support page for more help.

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