Dynamics GP Modern Lifecycle Client Will Not Open on a Windows Server? Try This!

Some users are reporting that only a splash page appears when trying to load Microsoft Dynamics GP on a Windows server. GP won’t launch or is stuck, and simply hangs there indefinitely. What’s going on?

The Problem:

Our expert Dynamics GP support team has helped fix this for a couple of our clients now. These clients are running Dynamics GP Modern Lifecycle and have a client installed on their SQL server machine. The problem is Dynamics GP does not load; it’s stuck. It looks as if it’s starting: you get the Dynamics splash page but nothing more, and the application never loads. No matter what troubleshooting steps we took (re-install, removing all ISV products, etc.), Dynamics GP still would not open.

All we get is this:

The Fix

After exhausting all the possibilities we’ve run across in our 20+ years of Dynamics GP support, we went out on a limb and stopped the print spooler to see what happened. Guess what? It worked! Immediately after stopping the service, Dynamics GP is able to launch correctly. It is very strange, but it worked for our clients.

To stop the print spooler service, go to Administrative Tools/Services. After it’s stopped, try launching Dynamics GP again.

Our theory is that the issue may occur when all printers have been deleted, including things like the Microsoft XPS Document Writer, OneNote, and Microsoft Print to PDF. It is possible that if there is NO printer of any sorts it may be causing Dynamics GP to hang indefinitely when loading.

Did this work for you? Did you have any printers installed? We’d love to hear from you, and of course, help you with anything else Dynamics GP related. Email us at marketing@crestwood.com.

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