Oh My, How You Have Grown! Excessive File Size Growth in Management Reporter (MR) Database

Has your MR database gotten so big it’s out of hand? I recently encountered issues relating to the excessively large size of Management Reporter (MR). So, I wanted to remind everyone of the importance of maintenance of your MR system, and associated data sets.

Here are my recommendations for MR maintenance:

  1. Have a current backup and backup plan in place.
  2. Upgrade your instance of MR. It will help with disk space, performance, and other issues. Make sure to backup all saved reports from the reports library. However, you don’t need to save thousands of reports from six years ago. Most of this data would be out-of-sync anyways.
  3. Re-inforce and remind users of the importance of file maintenance and file structures. The MR database contains information on all users in MR, their security, and a full range of settings. Reports generated are also stored in the reports library, which is also contained in the database.
  4. Remove users no longer with your organization.
  5. Have a schedule in place to remove old reports or archive them to a second location. We have seen many performance and connection issues happen due to this lack of maintenance because the database size grows too big.

If you have questions or need some assistance, visit our support page for more help.

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