eConnect & Dynamics GP Error

There is no MTS object context (Exception from HRESULT: XXXXXXX)

We have a client using eConnect to integrate truck and transportation related billing data into Dynamics GP 2013. When they added a version of eConnect to a second machine to run the integrations, they ran into some issues. After setting up the service and checking it was in a running state, users tested the integrated system and it failed on a quirky and cryptic error.

Here’s the error message:

When we did a little research, we found that this error is generated when eConnect cannot find the correct results for a listed table or cannot recognize a data structure. With this in mind, a check of the working versions in use was in order.

When I logged on the working machine, I noticed that the system was running an older version of the eConnect system. We retro-graded eConnect to match the version of that of the running machine and resolved the issues.

Morale of the story, make sure your installation of eConnect is the correct version.

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