Bridge to the Cloud: Microsoft’s Latest Promotion for On-Premises Users

Microsoft Bridge to Cloud

Dynamics 365 Business Central is better than Dynamics GP or Dynamics SL. You must try it out.

Just as we love classic cars, vinyl records, and drive-in theatres, we love Great Plains, Dynamics GP and Dynamics SL too! But sometimes nostalgia needs to take a backseat to efficiency.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is simply the better choice for the future of your business. With FREE upgrades, powerful and intuitive native reporting, and the easiest interface you’ll ever see, our customers are loving Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Below we’re going to look at Microsoft’s new promo:

  • It breaks your annual Enhancement Plan payment into 12 monthly chunks (at no ADDITIONAL charge).
  • It allows you to use both systems simultaneously while you learn.
  • If you hate it (which you won’t), you can stick with Dynamics GP or Dynamics SL.

So hug your servers one last time and say goodbye for good; it’s time to move to the cloud.

Cyber AttackMove Dynamics GP or Dynamics SL to the Cloud

With cybersecurity threats at an all-time high, a workforce becoming increasingly remote, and systems evolving to be more and more complex by the day, it’s never been a better time to ditch the on-premises ERP system that you know and love. Saying goodbye is hard, of course – which is why Microsoft has made it easy to take the leap. During 2020, it was called their “EP to CSP” promotion. Today it has a new name (and slightly different terms): Bridge to the Cloud.

What is Bridge to the Cloud?

Bridge to the Cloud is a promotion designed by Microsoft to help ease the transition for on-premises Dynamics GP and Dynamics SL users to the cutting-edge technology of Dynamics 365 Business Central. It provides a robust and risk-free trial of Dynamics 365 Business Central, while also providing various perks to companies who opt to test the cloud-based system. Microsoft offers these benefits because they are certain that users will love Dynamics 365 Business Central. (We think so, too.)

The gist: Microsoft will allow you to renew your Enhancement Plan at a price equal to your annual Enhancement Plan renewal cost, but instead of making one large up-front payment, you can license Dynamics 365 Business Central on a monthly basis at the same total amount as your annual Enhancement Plan. AND you get to keep your old system at the same time. We’re not throwing you into the deep end – you can learn and try Dynamics 365 Business Central risk-free (and decide to keep your on-prem system, if you’d prefer).

Why Do I Want Bridge to the Cloud?

The first reason to take advantage of this offer is easy to see: you reduce your capital spending by making twelve smaller payments as opposed to one large lump sum come Enhancement Plan season. In these unprecedented times, that change alone has made an enormous difference to some of our Dynamics GP and SL customers.

Further, if you need additional users to compensate for the switch, you can add them at no extra charge. That has the added benefit of having your licensed users for your new Dynamics 365 Business Central system ready to go when you are preparing to migrate.

As mentioned above, you can continue to use your current on-premises application while you transition to your shiny new Dynamics 365 Business Central. The promo allows for dual-access rights and downgrade rights for the on-prem GP or SL system, and you continue to get full Enhancement Plan benefits for your current on-premises application during the promo term.

Plus Crestwood Associates has their own added perk especially for their customers: access to our award-winning team of Dynamics 365 Business Central consultants. We have an extensive library of training resources available for any way that YOU learn, periodic group training events, and so much more.

Who is Eligible for Bridge to Cloud?

If you have any on-premises Dynamics system (Great Plains, Dynamics GP or Dynamics SL, or even an on-premise version of Dynamics 365 Business Central) and you are on a current price list, you can take advantage of this. Your Enhancement Plan must be active, or have lapsed not longer than 30 days from the renewal date.

So, yes, Dynamics GP users: Microsoft extended the lifecycle of Dynamics GP until 2028. But you still need to consider your company’s future and whether or not your ERP can keep up. Cloud-based systems are the future for a good-reason – and the future is here.

Bridge to the Cloud Drawbacks

The Bridge to Cloud promo, like anything, has a few considerations. Your new Dynamics 365 Business Central license must be the same price as your annual Enhancement Plan throughout the duration of the promotional period (up to four years). The offer begins on September 1, 2021 and runs through to June 30, 2022. Users will enroll first on a one-year subscription, with the option to add up to three 1-year renewals (four years total).

The biggest consideration to note: this path to the cloud is a one-way bridge. If you decide not to move to Dynamics 365 Business Central after the maximum four years, you could incur a 3% fee based on your system list price over the term of your promotional period to return to your previous annual enhancement plan. Microsoft will consider you “lapsed” and you’ll need to pay 3% of your system list price for as long as you were on the promotion. Your Crestwood Academy Crestwood CAM or can answer more questions about this, so give them a call!

More Info on Bridge to Cloud

So you want some more information about this exciting offer? We don’t blame you! The best first step is always to reach out to your Crestwood CAM (or anyone on our sales team)! Your Crestwood rockstar would love to chat with you, paying special attention to ensure that your company will be a good fit for Dynamics 365 Business Central. That is step one, as always.

The last added benefit of reaching out to us and taking the plunge is our team’s unwavering commitment to your success. Your success with Dynamics 365 Business Central (as with any ERP) comes from ensuring that YOUR team is able to effectively utilize it. Nothing matters more than that. (Read more about the havoc that choosing the wrong partner can wreak here.) Between our Crestwood Academy premium training program, the personalized webinar how-to sessions, our free and public resources like YouTube, and our fantastic Dynamics 365 Business Central support staff, we are positive that Crestwood will be the reason you’re walking over that bridge to the cloud confidently.

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