4 Dynamics GP Challenges and How to Address Them

Dynamics GP Business Challenges

Microsoft Dynamics GP has been a mainstay in the ERP community. Designed for small and mid-sized businesses who want a reliable and well-vetted solution, GP has evolved and grown to be one of the most trusted ERP vendors for this market. However, no matter how consistent this solution is, no matter how powerful, there are certain areas where it could be improved or better customized for your unique needs.

At Crestwood, we have worked with GP for years, and would like to today share some of the areas we have found that the product could be improved, whether through an upgrade, an add-on, or a helpful tip we have come across over the years.

Challenge 1: We Archive, but Dynamics GP is Running Slow

Even if you archive your GP data with Professional Advantage’s Company Data Archive, you still may run into the slowdowns. A common issue for companies using Analytical Accounting (AA) with Dynamics GP, even if you do archive, your databases might still be growing, ultimately resulting in decreased productivity and performance.

Many customers neglect data management, only handling it on a repair and maintain basis, with no data archiving or purging. As a result, their databases grow exponentially over the years. They don’t realize that database archiving and purging is a critical task that can greatly improve daily performance, and avoid data corruption and system crashes.

Solution: Company Data Archive Plus for Dynamics GP

If you are archiving your GP data, you probably want to include your Analytical Accounting data as well. Our Analytical Accounting extension to Professional Advantage’s Company Data Archive (CDA) tool will archive your AA data along with your GP data. Without our tool, your AA data will be left behind and will not be accessible in the archive.

Get to know more about Company Data Archive Plus from Crestwood here.

Challenge 2: We Don’t Want to Give Every User Full Access to Every Field

Dynamics GP User AccessFor many organizations, security is a top priority. While external controls are a necessity, you need to address internal security controls as well. Not every user needs access to every part of your solution, and as an administrator, you have many options to implement these controls. In GP, the easiest first step is to implement screen-based security options. But did you know you can take this even further?

Solution: Use Field Level Security

GP is designed for user control, but much of these user- and role-based security options are screen based. But did you know that you can take even more control, down to the field level?

Dynamics GP Field Level Security allows you to control user access and edit abilities at a field level in Dynamics GP windows. Our Field Value Security software monitors the system to prevent the use and display of checkbook IDs on any window and report for any module in the system. Users will only see those checkbooks to which they have been assigned access.

By implementing Dynamics GP Field Level Security, you can control individual fields with a simple click. You can set up Field Level security right within the Dynamics user interface.

Learn more about Crestwood’s Field Level Security for GP here.

Challenge 3: We’re Nearing the End of Mainstream Support for GP 2015/Extended Support for GP 2010

As a solution for specifically-sized organizations, many may use GP for the entirety of (or even beyond) life of the licensing and support. While some businesses can operate under extended support, it becomes incredibly complicated to complete year-end closing — especially without payroll and tax updates. Go back even further, and continued use means you are increasing risk of data loss or corruption (as well as server failure).

At Crestwood, we recommend staying no more than two years behind the latest version and the longer you stick with a product, the greater the risk your hardware or software falters.

Dynamics GP UpgradeSolution: Upgrading or Replacing Your GP Solution

With the end of mainstream support for GP 2015 rapidly approaching and 2016’s mainstream support window ending just a year later, it might be time to upgrade or replace your solution. Added to this, the Extended Support schedule for GP 2010 ends next year as well, meaning that many companies could be left without critical updates and patches.

Upgrading to GP 2018 R2

The latest edition of Dynamics GP brought a wide range of much needed improvements to the software. Whether those are features requested by users or Microsoft’s enhancements to make the product competitive in the ERP market, GP 2018 R2 was released last year and makes the product more intelligent and easier to use. Get to know more about things you should consider before making the upgrade and learn how a GP upgrade works here.

Replacing Dynamics GP

Of course, you may feel that it’s time to part ways with your GP solution. Whether you are looking for a true cloud solution, something that can facilitate your next level of growth, or are just looking for something different, it’s vital to work with a partner who has worked with companies like yours. At Crestwood, we recommend Acumatica as an alternative to GP, and even though we will continue to support the GP product, if you are in the market for a change, we can help you.

Challenge 4: Our Partner No Longer Supports GP

As the ERP market has evolved, the partner landscape has changed alongside it. Sadly, for some customers, it also means that their partners have either moved away from or put Dynamics GP (and the companies using it) on the back burner. However, GP is still alive and kicking, and the 2018 update brought much needed improvements to the software.

For many customers—especially those who have worked with smaller Dynamics GP partners in the past—when a company adds new vendors, they no longer have the time or manpower to support their current users, making it Support techharder and harder to get the support you need.

Solution: Support and Services from Crestwood

If you feel like you’ve lost the loving feeling from your ERP partner or they no longer have the skills or people to handle your needs, Crestwood can help.

We still have the size, scope, and focus to support your use of Dynamics GP, and our highly skilled staff can deliver. Whether you need someone who can integrate your GP solution with other applications, you need a support partner who can deliver continued assistance where your current partner can’t or are looking for someone to help you complete an upgrade or update, we’re here to help.

Additional FAQs and Tutorials

Throughout the years, we have written a variety of articles on improving the customer experience with GP, and invite you to read some of these here:

At Crestwood, we have helped companies like yours to realize the full value of their GP solution, and even though many VARs are leaving the product, we are proud to continue delivering this solution for our clients. Get to know more about our work and contact us for a free consultation’.

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